Skaņu Mežs’2009 tickets go on sale

The annual Skaņu mežs festival will be held on May 15 and 16 in Riga Art Space, Kungu iela 3 (capacity around 1000 people) and on May 22 and 23 at the St.Saviour’s Anglican Church on Anglikāņu iela 2A (capacity around 250 people). Both locations are in the Old Town of Riga.
The first day will have an emphasis on electronic and contemporary music with such international highlights as the Icelanders Johann Johannsson and Hildur Gudnadottir, the duo of the celebrated Finnish  electronic musician Vladislav Delay and Lillevan, founder of the audiovisual duo Rechenzentrum,  as well as a selection of the most original composers of contemporary Latvian electronic and electroacoustic music, such as Voldemārs Johansons and Candycoveredclown.

May 16 will move more into experimental rock direction with such musicians as the highly acclaimed New York band Extra Life, Luke Wyland’s brilliant project Au, Sanfrancisco drum punk trio Mi Ami, the upcoming Australian band Pivot from the legendary Warp Records and a fresh rooster of internationally lesser known but exciting Latvian independent bands, including two that have been noticed for their highly original sound by the legendary New Jersey independent radio station WFMU.

May 22 will present the American cult band Sunn O))) on its 10th anniversary tour to Europe, their only concert in Northern Europe. May 23 will witness experimental organ music in co-operation with the renown  Touch Music record company that publishes such artists as Philip Jeck, Christian Fennesz, Johann Johansson, Oren Ambarchi and many others.

As we are living in a time when price is so decisive, it will be mirror itself in the visual and conceptual aesthetics of the festival.

May 15 (Tickets at the and at the box office – Ls 7.99, combined ticket for May 15 and 16 – Ls 9.98 (just presales))
21:00 Platons Buravickis (LV)
21:45 Voldemārs Johansons (LV) –
22:15 Rolands Kronlaks (LV)
23:00 Candycoveredclown & Kaspars Groševs (LV) –
23:45 Ghedalia Tazartes (FR) –
00:45 Johann Johansson & Hildur Gudnadottir (IS) –
01:45 Vladislav Delay & Lillevan (FI/DE) –,
02:45 Sound Meccano & Evgeniy Droomoff (LV) –

May 16 (Tickets at the and at the box office – Ls 7.99, combined ticket for May 15 and 16 – Ls 9.98 (just presales))
20:00 Oroboro (LV) –
21:00 Satellites LV (LV) –
22:00 Au (US) –
23:00 Extra life (US) –
00:00 Mi ami (US) –
01:00 Pivot (AU) –
02:00 Bērnības milicija (LV) –
03:00 Trauma moralis (LV) –
04:00 Mazie smirdīgie kociņi (LV) –

May 22 (both presales at the and box office – Ls 9.99)
22:00 Sunn O))) (US) –

May 23 (presales at the – Ls 3.99, box office – Ls 4.99)

This concert takes place in cooperation with Spire / Touch –

18:00 Jana Winderen (NO) –
19:00 Philip Jeck (UK) –
20:00 Hildur Gudnadottir (performed by Charles Matthews) (IS) –
20:45 Santa Ratniece (performed by Charles Matthews) (LV) –

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