On Friday Supersilent will play in Riga

Academically trained musicians of Supersilent elegantly personify notion «experimental» with their ability to indulge in an unpredictable collaboration, still claiming their individuality and being open to each other, making music without poising and anything unnecessary. The band convinces even music traditionalists. After Supersilent evening will continue with dances together with avant-garde DJ duo Dausteg (Death-step).

Term «superband» can be attributed to Supersilent because it unites such outstanding solo artists as jazz trumpeter Arve Henriksen (regular David Silviana collaborator), ambient music guru Deathprod aka Helge Sten, who is also known as the leader of rock band Motorpsycho, and keyboardist Ståle Storløkken, who has collaborated with contemporary jazz veterans Terje Rypdal, Louis Sclavis and Nils Peter Molvær.

Revolutionary music to be heard by the «post-everything» generation – that is written about Supersilent at Dusted Reviews. The band also appeals to traditional music gourmands, who respect music from modern melancholic jazz label ECM and not without a purpose – EMC for a long time had the rights to distribute Supersilent music. Their reserved intelligent and sensual music is compared to early EMC sound and Miles Davis legendary record «He Loved Him Madly». Now Supersilent is the flagship band of Rune Grammofon; exactly with Supersilent this label started expansion of the Norwegian experimental music in the wide world.

As well a few hours after evening’s headliners Supersilent will be unusual – innovatory DJ duo Dausteg will perform their music set. Dausteg is collaboration between British-Jamaican DJ Tony Wilson and Norwegian musician and visual artist Are Mokkelbost, known with his solo project Single Unit and as a member of the band Killl, who unites Norwegian experimental music’s prominences, including members of the band Jaga Jazzist, which recently released their new album.

Dausteg in Old Norwegian means „death step”, which can be considered as interpretation about dance music genre dub step; the difference is that in death step rhythm background is metallic and more avant-garde tunes.

«When we played at Club Øya (Øya festival club nights) last year, people danced to (modern composers) Giacinto Scelsi, Morton Feldman and Gyorgy Ligeti! It is interesting to watch when classic avant-garde is brought down to the functional and pragmatical level of the dance floor, » says Single Unit. Every Dausteg performance is themed. Riga set’s theme is Animism and Artificial Intelligence and dance as a ritual

Concert is organized within the Skaņu Mežs/Sound Forest concert series «1-2! cauri» and «Prieka Māja». It will take place at Spīķeru Koncertzālē, Maskavas ielā 4A.

Doors: 20:00; sstage: 21:00. Tickets available on pre-sale at the Ticket Service sale points and www.bilesuserviss.lv Ls 7 – Ls 10 or at the entrance – LVL 13, with animal costume – Ls 6.

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