Skaņu Mežs’2010 – The Lost Glory

“Skaņu mežs” (Sound forest) festival that offers the latest music trends and stimulates discussions about new musical possibilities,  will take place in Riga on September 9th -11th for the eighth consecutive year.

When thinking about different musical alternatives, be open-minded to the fact that 21th century music has been very much influenced by past. It is especially obvious in  this year’s festival edition whose musical direction is dominated by past styles. Hence the theme – “The Lost Glory” (Aizgājusī godība). As well as the choice of the venues – Soviet era modernist Press House that conveniently gathered all the publications in one single concrete high-rise building and the former moped factory “Sarkanā Zvaigzne” (Red Star).

The festival will kick of on September 4 and 9 with performances of Swiss experimental artists Michael Wertmuller, Antoine Chessex, Sudden Infant and Alexandre Babel.

On September 10 audiovisual publisher Raster-Noton will present its showcase of intelligent beats and impressive video performances.

On September 11 you will have a chance to enjoy dynamic eclecticism by listening to the experimental ‘orchestra’ “Chrome Hoof”, their way of style known as a ‘doom disco’. They will perform in futuristic monk costumes, combining concert with choreographic performance.

To enrich the concert life in Riga, the freshest musical trends will be presented with one of the currently most hyped up music styles – so-called ‘hypnagogic pop’. This style will be represented by some of the best in the genre – Brooklyn’s “Oneohtrix Point Never” (ONP) or Daniel Lopatin and Cleveland trio “Emeralds”.

Completely different emotions will be given to you by the first black metal band that in the words of Village Voice truly embodies the ghosts of New York – “Liturgy”. Beyond these spectacular bands you will be able to enjoy a variety of local performers and watch avant-garde movies.  More information will follow soon.

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