Sound Forest debuts as a record label

Two releases – Martins Rokis TEMP and Streets Of Sex Music For Alpha Males have marked the beginnings of Skaņu Mežs recordings. First releases come in limited edition of 50 in cassette format.

A side 18:57
B side 19:34

TEMP is constructed, edited and synthesized between 2009 – 2010, merging together sketches and fragments which originally was saved just as a reference point to develop some ideas in the future. However such fragments merged together in a nonlinear system, forgetting each fragments original intention, function and intended scenario of development, obtain new form, meaning and illusory sense of completeness.
Almost 40 minutes long recording consists of two untitled pieces. These are pretentiously abstract and extremely dynamic examples of digital sound synthesis, which ignore laws of gravitation and allowed volume levels. A record for the listeners with special needs.

Martins Rokis has been involved in various short term projects and experiments since the late 90’s. He has performed as a DJ, co-produced experimental music radio show “Visons” on radio NABA since 2002 and has created different music under several aliases. His current work is a blend of prepared generative strategies and improvisation working with open source software and code. Combining interests in so called computer music, sound art and philosophy, he is exploring possible synergy between control/decontrol, digital sound synthesis and multi-modality of human perception.

A side 5 tracks 14:00
B side 6 tracks 14:00

While in the Streets Of Sex’ mini-album Music For Alpha Males is compiled a part of their latest material which has been created the beginning of September 2011. Recorded at Sound Division studio, Riga. In this record Streets of Sex continues their habitual path, respectively, they melt together spasmodic drumming with harsh noisemusic and electronics in an avant-garde grindcore manner, occasionally using elements of glitch and free improvisation, which they call drum’n’noise and/or pure satanic free jazz. Music For Alpha Males is a nowadays’ story about an Alpha or socially dominant male, reflecting different edges of It’s life, for example – relationships with women, success of career, inner world, yearnings and dreams. Material is released on white printed cassette, in plastic case, with offset print type inlay booklet with two different artworks – each 25 pcs.

Streets of Sex is: Andrejs Zalitis (1/2H 1/2W, XanalhandjobcrewX, Lehitkarnef) and Rihards Brazinskis (Phonic Psychomimesis and ex-Trauma Moralis), who influenced by noise, free jazz, grindcore and black metal are exalting their own radical perception of music, combining scratchy, aggressive and chaotic electronics, convulsive arrhythmic drumming and vocals distorted beyond recognition with time by time naked sounds of guitar, trumpet and other wind instruments.


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