ECAS: current commissions

ECAS: current commissions

The European Cities of Advanced Sound network (ECAS) is making a second open call for entries for two commissioned works in 2012, within the project Networking Tomorrow’s Art For an Unknown Future.

These works should relate to the current ECAS theme Networks of Advanced Sound and Related Arts – Bridging cultural sectors and different media, and enabling citizen innovation. This theme explores innovative ways to connect heterogeneous artistic and audience communities; possibilities to scale up without losing diversity; ways to bridge different spheres of experimental music production; the impact of advanced sound on other fields of artistic production; and how to expose marginal sounds to bigger audiences.

We are interested in works that make connections between geographic points and artistic interest groups; music/sound and the world of science and technology; specific community or minority groups; types of musicians who do not usually link, such as classical and non-classical musicians, noise and club artists, etc. Imagine projects that connect with unexpected audiences via the use of unusual content/spaces, or bridge sound into cities in innovative ways.

The central axis of the work should always relate to sound/music, and reach out to other disciplines.

Each commission carries with it a fee of 5.000 € and realization costs of a maximum of 5.000€ (in total 2x 10.000€), and will be presented in 2012-2013 by the ECAS organizations involved in this call for entries, namely: CTM (Berlin), Musikprotokoll (Graz), Skanu Mezs (Riga) and Unsound (Krakow). There is also the possibility of presenting the works at other festivals within the ECAS/ICAS networks.

The final date for application is 31.03.2012. The two works will be selected by a jury appointed by the participating organizations, with winners announced in May 2012.


Submissions must be new works and must respond directly to the theme. To be eligible the project must be new and never before realised. Applications are welcome from any part of the world, from 12.01.2012.

Submit your project here.


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