The Dawn of Barracuda

On December 11 a newborn cassette and file publisher Shecock Barracuda Recordings released 2 albums from young Latvian creative minds Viesturs Vigants and Maris Butler in tape and ogg-vorbis formats. Both musicians are well-known as members of Latvian noise’n’roll band 1/2H 1/2W (or Puseh Pusew), nevertheless these records reflects their solo artistic creativity notwithstanding the fact that original material was provided for the band’s need.

Viesturs Vigants in his a Dryer mixes collages in the spirit of early academical electronics, distorted sturm-like poststep beats and voice jugglery with wide range of moods. Think of a mix of Francois Bayle, Muslimgauze and Junko.

Maris Butler’s work Ring-100 is slightly more sensitive, it’s lactatbient music for lonely contemplation near a seacoast, with a black-metal and guitar-drone passages added in a masterly manner.

Both records garbed in Inter National EF90 vintage audio cassette with xeroxed info sheet and author’s photography, packaged in a plastic bag. Physical release is in small and limited issue. For more information check out Label’s webpage:

Publicity photo
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