ECAS Open Call for Submissions

ECAS (European Cities Of Advanced Sound and related arts) has opened a new call for submissions under the theme ‘Ubiquitous Art and Sound – Art and the everyday’ within the project Networking Tomorrow’s Art For an Unknown Future. The selected project will be developed and presented in 2013 and 2014 at TodaysArt in The Hague, Insomnia in Tromsø and FutureEverythingin Manchester. ECAS is supported by the European Union within the Culture Programme.

Theme: Ubiquitous Art and Sound – art and the everydayECAS

The submitted works need to relate to the theme Ubiquitous Art and Sound. This theme explores the ever-growing omnipresence of technology in everyday life through new approaches in creating art and sound for the public domain. Digital formats are everywhere. A consequence of the ever-spreading reach of media and the rise of new technologies. This phenomenon is matched by new artistic approaches to creating art and sound for the public realm.

Generally, there is increasing interest in presenting cultural activities in ‘lived spaces’ where people go about their everyday lives, instead of arts and culture being the preserve of traditional arts venues and museums. The ‘city’ is increasingly a focus, as urban spaces draw together different communities and forms of media and technology, and digital technology is changing the function of the city, and dissolving the boundaries between work and play. Traditionally, public spaces are thought of as city squares and other such physical spaces. Increasingly people come together and meet in online spaces as well as physical spaces, which are often overlaid, blurring the distinction between the physical and virtual.

Through this call, we aim to explore the means and meanings of engaging audiences in the development of site specific artworks in urban environments which respond to its specific localities and engage local communities resulting in highly visible presentation formats in public settings. Herein we look at the cultural and environmental relevance and the wider societal impact implied by this move to increasing ubiquity.

By inviting interdisciplinary practitioners to submit new projects dedicated to this theme, we aim to articulate the ways in which the public domain can be designed and used, and examine current trends and practices. Together with our audiences we would like to renew the vision on our own living environment, and to encourage the development of new tools which can be used to enhance these environments.

Planning and Deadline
The Open Call will open on April 13, 2013.
The deadline for applications is May 13, 2013.
The selected work will be announced during the ECAS Partner Meeting in May 2013. The selected work will be presented atTodaysArt (The Hague, 24 – 28 September 2013), Insomnia (Tromsø, 19 – 26 October 2013) and FutureEverything (Manchester  March 2014). There is also the possibility of presenting the works at other ECAS-project festivals or within the broader ICAS-network.

Fees and Production Budget
The selected work carries with it a fee of € 5.000 and production costs of a maximum of € 5.000 for each of the three presentations (managed by the respective festivals).

Conditions for application
The preference goes out to submissions of an interdisciplinary nature with a strong relation to the theme and the related perspectives. Submissions must be new, not yet realised works at time of submission. Applications are welcome from any part of the world. One work will be selected by a jury appointed by the participating organisations. Proposals that do not win the commission may still be considered for inclusion in the ECAS festivals and will automatically be considered for other sources of support.

The application needs to be composed of:

  • Curiculum Vitae of the maker(s);

  • A project description including the relation to the theme of the call;

  • If possible: sketches / visual impressions / possible locations for presentation.

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