Gas of Latvia publishes two albums

Gas of Latvia publishes two new cosmic music albums, recorded with soviet analog synthesizers.

The first one – „Red Light Winter”, is a soundtrack for a stage production of Adam Rapp’s drama by the same name (directed by Ilze Olinger, Riga New Theatre, 2008). It was recorded with analog synthesizer RMIF Opus (made in Latvia, in the eighties) and old soviet low-frequency signal generator. It can be described as a soundtrack for sex & loneliness.
red light winter

The second one new Album from Gas of Latvia – „Tumšupe” –  was recorded in 2008-2009 with soviet analog synthesizers Electronica EM-25 and EM-11, RMIF OPUS, Alisa 1377. Other sound sources for this album include recordings of Undine Balode’s cello, an old receiver and various field recordings.


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