Skaņu Mežs festival announces full program for 2014

On October 10 and 11 the annual Skaņu Mežs Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts will take place at the Daile concert hall (Kr. Barona street 31) in Riga, Latvia.

The 12th edition of Skaņu Mežs is a part of the official program of Riga being the European Capital of Culture 2014. It is going to be characterized by a subtle balance between the electronic and the acoustic, the improvised and the tightly woven, the obvious and the abstract. These contrasts will be reflected both in the program of the festival as well as within particular performances. Such a perspective will be taken upon in order to defend the idea that progress and innovation in music is dependant foremost on bold ideas and flexible language, not just technology.

Skaņu Mežs is a founding member of the European network of festivals E.C.A.S. (European Cities of Advanced Sound) as well as I.C.A.S. – its international version.

It is recognized as the largest experimental and adventurous music event in the Baltic states.

Tickets can be bought at and cost EUR 20 per day or EUR 30 for both days.

The program of Skaņu Mežs will feature a solo vocal performance by Blixa Bargeld and a live presentation of audiovisual piece „Lumière” by Robert Henke (Monolake) as well as performances by singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler, synth-pop duo Xeno&Oaklander, experimental techno producer Andy Stott, improvisers, such as Wadada Leo Smith, finalist for Pulitzer prize in music 2013, bass player John Edwards, drummer Mark Sanders, cello player Okkyung Lee, vocalists Phil Minton and Audrey Chen, also Innode – the electronic/acustic project of musicians from Radian, Elektro Guzzi and Pan.American, as well as many others.

Performances of October 11:

  • Blixa Bargeld solo vocal performance

  • Robert Henke (Monolake) – Lumière

  • Andy Stott

  • Gas of Latvia + Katrīna Neiburga

  • Innode

  • Xeno &Oaklander

  • Martinez Gonzalez

Performances of October 10:

  • Marissa Nadler

  • Wadada Leo Smith, John Edwards, Mark Sanders

  • Keith Fullerton Whitman

  • If, Bwana

  • Okkyung Lee

  • Insect Ark

  • Phil Minton & Audrey Chen

Educational events at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

  • Master class of free improvisation with Wadada Leo Smith – October 9, 14:00
  • Artist talk by Keith Fullerton Whitman about composing for analogue electronic instruments – October 10, 14:00.

Skaņu Mežs’2014 is supported by EU programme “Culture”, Riga City Council, Latvian State Endowment for Arts (VKKF), Trust for Mutual Understanding, US embassy in Latvia, iRobot and others.

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