STRCAMP 2014, 11-13 of July

Vintage campsite “Deimantas”, Elektrėnai country


STRCAMP is a three day and two night musical happening that will take place in the abandoned summer camp “Deimantas”. During the daytime festival programme will offer a handful of acoustic performers. During the night – ex-cafe place will turn into a dancefloor bashing electronic rhythms. This is a DIY event for friends and fellow minds to gather and spend a wonderful July weekend. Here you’ll hear amazing new bands and projects, discover music you have maybe never dreamed of before, have fun and rest. The camp is situated 40 km from Vilnius.


All begins with dawn. YTRO – the post-punkers from Rostov-on-Don invite
curious lovers of what is pure to have a walk in their sound garden. They‘ll
offer you melody and melancholia for company. Profound, but rebellious,
the band makes meadows undulate with their pale guitars. All will begin
with dawn.

el ultimo vecinoNowadays bands that make a sudden impact and comfort the listener with
a proper reaction are a true rarity. One of this sort is Gerard Alegre‘s project
EL ÚLTIMO VECINO‘ – translated as ‘The Last Neighbour‘ – who not soon
after entering the musical world released an addictive album full of good
taste and immediate hits. This is the band that everyone is talking about
right now. In STRCAMP they‘ll present their new eponymous LP.


The diverse DATASHOCK from Saarlouis are true experts of collective hyp-
nosis since 2003. The ladies and gentlemen from this outfit takes it’s
listener through mottled labyrinths of the unconscious, just like Pink
Floyd, Amon Düül and Harmonia with it’s psychedelic/kraut therapy a few
decades ago. DATASHOCK is warmth and a treat, STRCAMP is warmth and
a treat.

neugeborene nachtmusikThe beginning is an ending is a beginning. NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK
emerged in 2011 after the sunset of the Dutch synth-wave duo MILIGRAM
RETREAT. At the moment NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK are producing
and album in Berlin which is to be released on the Enfant Terrible label.
This ‘nightly new-borne’ will suck you in with their vamp post-electro
music made up of carefully built sound sculptures and ritual industrial
compositions filled with naïve synth-punk sounds.


tv installations_conceptAs a free spirit is declared in the concept of STRCAMP, that is reflected in the
artistic part of the camp too. The essential is to create a certain unity with the
rest of the camp – music and nature – so that the guests would have a possi-
bility to travel through the camp discovering the unexpected. Artistic action
involves well-known as well as less recognized artists from Lithuania and
abroad, whose working field differs from sculpture to painting and video art.
An installation, specially constructed for the camp territory and putting
together analog video supports and goods from the local nature, proposes to
move off for a minute and get dreamy experiences. For this purpose a special
film selection is made as well. Other fields of activity such as food supply is
involved in the artistic performance.
STRCAMP 2013 video:

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