Voldemārs Johansons’ residency in Norway has concluded

001806540009-2As part of the project “Experimental Music Lighthouses: Riga – Tromsø”, Latvian artist and composer Voldemārs Johansons went on a trip to Norway from April 6 till April 27. The purpose of the trip was to start work on the composition that he has undertaken to compose in collaboration with Norwegian improviser Frode Gjerstad.

Firstly, he went to see Gjerstad in Stavanger. The two met at Gjerstad’s home studio where they discussed the basic concept of the work and had their first rehearsals. It was established that the piece – contrary to the initial idea – may require a second soloist, the ending result being either for two soloists or for a soloist with the other musician’s input used solely as a source for electronic manipulation.

Following this meeting, Johansons went on a creative residency in Lofoten islands, where he continued work on the structure of thepiece and its possible variations.

The piece will be premiered at Skaņu mežs festival in Riga (October 2, 9 and 10) and subsequently also performed at Tromsø’s Insomnia (October 22 – 24).

The aim of the project “Experimental Music Lighthouses: Riga – Tromsø” (project nr. EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/10) is to promote a four part cooperation between Skaņu Mežs and Insomnia. This includes, amongst other things: the production of a Latvian/Norwegian composition; an exchange of Latvian and Norwegian musicians between the programs of the festival; creating a mutual festival program; the exchange of new compositions between Riga and Tromsø with the help of artists’ residencies. The unique soundscapes of both cities and their symbiosis is the emphasis of each of the exchange.

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