Skaņu Mežs’2016 announces King Midas Sound + Fennesz

Riga’s adventurous music festival Skaņu Mežs will feature a performance by the recently formed supergroup union of The Bug’s King Midas Sound and Fennesz. The group will play at the music hall „Daile” on October 14.
King Midas Sound is comprised of Kevin Martin (also known for his work under The Bug moniker), singer/poet Roger Robinson, and vocalist Kiki Hitomi. The crew that Quietus called “one of the most exciting musical propositions the UK currently has to offer” are back with a brand new manifesto. Mirroring the avalanche of sound which has characterized their unforgettable live shows, this non-aligned, nomadic trio have long since jettisoned their 21st century Lovers Rock, and set their sights uncompromisingly on a great unknown, where drone, melancholy, and a sea of fuzz blisteringly collide.
Attracting an audience of post metal volume junkies, new generation shoegazers and disenchanted dubstep escapees, King Midas Sound’s unilaterally fresh approach is paying off. The band have cultivated a crowd hungry for pure emotion, unforgettable spectacle, and who leave uniformly shocked, knowingly smiling and physically shaken.
‘Edition 1’ is the new collaborative record between King Midas Sound & Austrian guitarist/electronic musician Fennesz and is released on Ninja Tune in September 2015. In the wake of the last Bug album ‘Angels & Devils’, Kevin wanted to create a record focused on kaleidoscopic sonic beauty, bathed in the bluest emotional lyricism. This record reflects the group’s past, present, and a truly extraordinary future.
‘Edition 1’ is a tide coming in. A fog reaching out into nothing, and encapsulating everything. An ultimate parting note drifting into absolute loneliness, swept up in a sumptuously blurred, dronal haze. Hallucinatory tone poems of heartbreak, despair, disappearance, and displacement. Seductively spatial sketches of long goodbyes. Music to cling to or to be used to move past. Sounds set adrift on their own tonal plain and reigned back in by Roger & Kiki’s complimentary, yet extremely different deliveries. Cosmic blues meets a siren’s song. A zonal re-examination of ‘It’s Raining Today’ or an audio representation of a Sugimoto ‘Seascapes’ photo… A high water mark forever etched to memory.
Fennesz, the special guest of „Edition 1” and its outcoming live show, uses guitar and computer to create shimmering, swirling electronic sound of enormous range and complex musicality. “Imagine the electric guitar severed from cliché and all of its physical limitations, shaping a bold new musical language.” (City Newspaper, USA).
Christian Fennesz is know from his own particular musical world as well as his impeccable work in creating beautiful compositions for guitar. Somewhere between concrete music, classical and ambience sounds, he stretches musical resources and effects to create melodies and atmospheres that fuse classical and orchestral concepts with conceptual musical research and complex digital structures. He has been recording and also performing with Ryuichi Sakamoto and playing live with Keith Rowe, Sparklehorse, Mike Patton and many others.
This will be the 14th edition of Skaņu Mežs – the festival will happen on October 13-15 as well as November 12.

Tickets to the festival can be purchased here:
The Skaņu Mežs festival is supported by the “Creative Europe” programme of the European Union, Ministry of Culture of Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation, the Municipality of Riga, the Goethe-institut Riga, Trust for Mutual Understanding and Kulturkontakt Nord as well as iRobot and Red Bull Music Academy.

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