Listen to performances by Lau Nau and Lisa Ullén, Nina de Heney

Listen to recordings of live performances by Finnish psych folk musician Lau Nau and the Swedish free improvisation duo of Lisa Ullén and Nina de Heney.
Lau Nau was joined onstage by Helena Espvall on cello and Matti Bye on the piano.
Nina de Heney plays the upright bass and Lisa Ullén – the piano.
The concerts were recorded on March 6 at the art Museum Riga Bourse; the event was a part of a concert series called “Nordic Women in Experimental Music”, organized by Skaņu Mežs festival in cooperation with Kulturkontakt Nord and Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation. The aim of the series is to highlight the wealth of female talent coming from this region, since the experimental music scene in a wider sense is male-dominated.

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