CANCELED: „SHAPE Riga” offers a two-day lecture program and a free-entry concert evening

On April 7 and 8, Skaņu Mežs festival will co-organize an event called „SHAPE Riga”, which will consist of a two-day lecture and workshop program, including talks by Regis, Julia Eckhardt, Troels Kjeldgaard, Josh Greenberg, Lukas Turza and Miri Kat, and a free-entry concert evening featuring Stellar Om Source, Oliver Torr, Rian Treanor and Poly Chain. The event is organized as part of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the „Creative Europe” programme of the European Union.

SHAPE is a platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe. It consists of 16 festivals and art centres and aims to support, promote and exchange innovative and aspiring musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound. SHAPE attempts to present a variety of idiosyncratic music and sonic art from all over Europe, and provide audiences and professionals with insightful lectures, talks and workshops by experts in various fields related to sound and performance.

Each year, the 16 involved associations will collectively choose 48 creatively strong artists and musicians to participate in a mix of live performances, residencies, workshops and talks across festivals and special events.

The discourse activities of „SHAPE Riga” are primarily aimed at the SHAPE artists of 2020 who will have arrived in Riga. However, they are also open to local musicians and industry professionals. The number of non-SHAPE participants is limited, so, in order to attend these lectures and workshops free of charge, one is required to register here:

The schedule of lectures and workshops can be seen below:

Tuesday, April 7, KK fon Stricka villa, Aristida Briāna street 9

10:00 – 12:00  Listening session, wehere artists introduce each other to their work;  moderated by Marie Čtveráčková

12:15 – 13:30  Workshop/lecture – Troels Kjeldgaard (Dans eller Dø)  // “How to set up and run DYI and Alternative Labels in The Age of Streaming”

14:30 – 15:45  Workshop/lecture – Josh Greenberg (Green Mountain Lodge) // “Marketing And Promo For DYI and Alternative Artists”

16:00 – 17:15  Workshop/lecture – Lukas Turza (Snap Mastering) on mixing and mastering

17:30 – 19:00  Second listening session; moderated by Marie Čtveráčková

Wednesday, April 8, KK fon Stricka villa, Aristida Briāna street 9

10:00 – 11:15  Workshop/lecture – Miri Kat on creative coding and generative art

11:30 – 12:45  Conversation – Julia Eckhardt on her book „The Second Sound”: „Music, gender, society”

14:00 – 15:00  Workshop/lecture – Karl O’Connor a.k.a. Regis (Downwards Records)

15:30 – 18:30  Presentations by local audio equipment producers Gamechanger Audio, Sonarworks and Erica Synths.

The event will be concluded with a free-entry concert evening at the same venue – it will start at 21:00 on April 8, and its programm will be comprised of the following SHAPE 2020 artists:

  • Stellar OM Source, the project of Christelle Gualdi, a French-Italian music producer, DJ and architect born in Paris and based in Belgium. Active for more than a decade, Christelle’s acclaimed 2013 album Joy One Mile and Nite Glo (2015), both on the boundary-pushing New-York label RVNG Intl firmly established her as an artist to watch out for. Both releases settled her musical direction. She creates enveloping environments, given shape by the rush of live performance and bring elements of techno, house and new-wave in a unique musical palette, marking out her signature of emotive uplifting melodies and contagious, bassline-centered grooves. Returning to music production after a 3 years break she released the EP ‘I See Through You’ on Dekmantel Records and was featured on Resident Advisor.

  • Oliver Torr, a Prague based electronic and acoustic composer, producer, audiovisual artist and label owner. Since having graduated from the British & Irish Modern Music Institute in London, where he studied under well-established composer and instrument programmer Phelan Kane, he has been pursuing various activities revolving around sound, art and music. Genre-wise, Torr is trying to blur the lines between eclectic dance music from all corners of the world and the experimental avant-garde musicians that he admires, using various tape machines, field recorders and synthesisers. With his artist collective and label XYZ project, which he co-founded in 2014, he hosts a wide range of listening concerts, meditative sound sessions, parties, an Radio 1 show and gallery projects, along with issuing cassette, vinyl and digital releases of friends of the label.

  • Rian Treanor, who re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of fractured and interlocking components. Having left a vivid impression in 2015 with his debut 12″ ‘A Rational Tangle’ and 2nd EP ‘Pattern Damage’ on The Death of Rave. Warp sub-label Arcola relaunched with his single ‘Contraposition’ in 2018. His debut album ATAXIA for Planet Mu rewires hyper-chromatic UK garage and pointillist footwork, establishing him as both a disruptive and essential new voice in British underground club music.

  • Poly Chain, a project of Sasha Zakrevska – a composer, curator, DJ, designer and radio host from Kyiv, Ukraine. Sasha started her musical journey at the age of 4, taking piano classes. After school she continued in a psychedelic rock/shoegaze band named ‘Summer God Teachings’, where she began to explore the world of synthesizers. As Poly Chain she started to perform after moving to Poland. Poly Chain took part in a series of Polish local parties such as ‘Syntetyk’, ‘Brutaż’, ‘Dype’, ‘Trips for Lonely Hearted’ and ‘Flauta’ as well as big and DIY-festivals: Unsound, Upper, DYM, Next Sound, Sanatorium Dzwięku and more.

„SHAPE Riga” is supported by the Municipality of Riga, State Culture Capital Foundation, KK Nord and the „Creative Europe” programme of the European Union.

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