SHAPE platform announces 2021 list of artists

The Creative Europe-supported SHAPE platform for innovative music and  audiovisual art is announcing its 2021 list of artists. The artist selection for the  platform’s seventh year traditionally places a number of audiovisual projects and  sound artists alongside musical acts that range from club music and forward-thinking  media art to free improvisation and spatial music.

Keeping in mind the unforeseeable circumstances of the Covid-19 global pandemic,  the artist presentations of SHAPE’s seventh year will be a mixture of live events and  online activities, including streams, new audio publications and online exhibitions.

Seeing as the working period for SHAPE’s current roster had been extended until  March 31 due to the pandemic, the 2021 artist list of SHAPE will begin its year of  activities on April 1.

The platform is run by a union of 16 European festivals, including TodaysArt,  Maintenant, Unsound and CTM. You can find the full list of festivals at the end of  this text.

The platform 

A 7-year initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European  Union, the SHAPE project reunites 16 European non-profit organizations active  within the ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound network to create a  platform that aims to support, promote, and exchange innovative and aspiring  emergent musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound.

SHAPE stands for “Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe”. SHAPE annually chooses 48 musicians and artists to participate in a mix of live  performances, residencies, workshops and talks across member festivals and special  events.

The selection process 

Each year, the curatorial teams of all 16 SHAPE festivals and initiatives come  together and choose 48 artists. The artist roster has been created disregarding  divisions of genre, age or popularity. Rather, creative novelty and successful  experimentation have served as core values, with additional emphasis on the inclusion  of upcoming and underexposed artists as well as representing local scenes of involved  festivals and art centers. Once a year, SHAPE platform announces an open call and  the submissions are also taken into consideration when creating the artist list.

Full list of SHAPE artists for 2021 

Check the list of artists to preview their works, and don’t forget to keep visiting our  homepage – we’ll be introducing all SHAPE artists with interviews in our “Artist of  the week” section!

Ábris Gryllus (HU)

Amosphère (CN/FR)

Apollo Noir & Thomas Pons “(Un)related to God” (FR) Audrey Chen (US/DE)

Avtomat (PL)

Black Pulse (AT)

Budokan Boys (US/DE)

Camilla Barratt-Due / Canilla (NO/DE)

Eiger Drums Propaganda (FR)


Evil Medvěd (UK/CZ)

Félix Blume (FR)

Foldable Sounds Collective (INT)

Gaspar Claus (FR)

Gischt (AT)

Grand River (NL/IT/DE)

Heith (IT)

Hüma Utku (TR/DE)

Jessika Khazrik (LB/DE)

Jiska Huizing & Rudi Valdersnes (NL/NO)

Johanna Hedva (KR/US/DE)

Julek Płoski (PL)

Julia Reidy (AU/DE)

Kali Malone (US/SE)



Linda Leimane (LV)

Lisa Stenberg (SE)

Loup Uberto (FR)

Mark IJzerman & Sébastien Robert (NL/FR) Mathilde Fernandez (BE)

Nazar (AO/BE/UK)

Nona Inescu (RO)

Odete (PT)

Pak Yan Lau (BE/HK)

Riccardo La Foresta (IT)

Sarvenaz Mostofey (IR)

Shapednoise (IT/DE)


Sofie Birch (DK)

Still House Plants (UK)


Thoom (US/DE)

TTristana (FR)

u.r.trax (FR)

Valentina Magaletti (IT/UK)

Yantan Ministry (CH/DE)

Zoë Mc Pherson (UK/FR/DE)

SHAPE member festivals 

CTM Festival / DISK e.V. – Berlin, DE – Dresden, DE

Festival Maintenant / Association Electroni[k] – Rennes, FR Insomnia Festival / Association – Tromsø , NO

Les siestes électroniques / Association Rotation – Toulouse, FR MeetFactory – Prague, CZ

SONICA / MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art – Ljubljana, SI musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst / ORF – Graz, AT RIAM Festival / Technè – Marseilles, FR

Rokolectiv Festival / Association – Bucharest, RO schiev Festival – Brussels, BE

Skaņu Mežs Festival / Association – Riga, LV

Terraforma Festival / Threes Productions – Milan, IT TodaysArt Festival / The Generator Foundation – The Hague, NL UH Fest / Ultrasound Foundation – Budapest, HU Unsound Festival / Fundacja Tone – Krakow, PL

Supporters and friends 

GoodShape – ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound)

The Wire Magazine – XLR8R – Resonance FM – NTS Live – The Quietus – FACT – Secret  Thirteen – We Make Money Not Art – Radio Campus France – The Attic – White  Fungus – Crack Magazine – The Astral Plane – BEYEAH – Music Map


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