Figūras and Vybz Martel join Cucina Povera’s Riga event

On March 1, Karelian-Luxembourgish sound artist and composer Maria Rossi a.k.a. Cucina Povera will play a show at Riga, Latvia’s 1983 bar (Vagonu street 21). Electronic music project Figūras and DJ Vybz Martel have been added to the line-up of the event.

Start time: 20:00. Tickets can be purchased at for 10 EUR; they will cost 15 EUR at the entrance. The event is organized by Skaņu Mežs association for adventurous music in collaboration with the SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the EU.

Figūras is an electronic improvised music project by the artist and curator Kaspars Groševs. It started in 2014 as a continuation of experiments in live looping of different sound sources in search of accidental textures and rhythms. Figūras repeat shapes, patterns, likes by using limited technical means. Each figure starts as variations of the entry point while becoming a stretched mirror that illuminates folds and cuts. Recordings of Figūras roam around internet archives, appearing and disappearing without a warning. Figūras’ first LP is coming out in April 2023 on ONO label. QUADRAT, a new release by Figūras will be released soon and will be available on limited edition cassettes.

Marta Ansone is an experimental electronic music artist, also known as DJ Vybz Martel, whose DJ sets draw influence from Dancehall, Reggaeton, experimental club music and beyond. By blending the expressions of these genres, she brings freshly sounding DJ sets to the scene, pulsating with hot-blooded, sensual and ethereal energy.

Cucina Povera focuses on the marginal and the observational. The repeated motifs in their work are an uncanny testament to the beauty of banality, a monument infused with the mysticism of everyday life and a love for accessible sound sources like creaky tenement floors, boiling kettles and leaky taps – stories told by means of cheap and rudimentary equipment. Like in the titular practice of peasant cooking, Rossi takes simple ingredients and creates a stylistically resourceful, spontaneous hermeticism that provides a creative respite from the hubbub of the metropole.

Cucina Povera is a participating artist of the SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and interdisciplinary art, co-funded by the European Union. Skaņu Mežs’ activities within the project are also supported by The Ministry of Culture of Latvia.

Vybz Martel



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