Clausthome & Mārtiņš Ratniks

Clausthome is another way of the Latvian band Claustrum.

In their daily practices “Clausthome” collective is engaged in experiments with modulations and sound feedback as well as in collecting diverse radio signals, scanning of radio frequences and creating sound from archives of astronomy research data servers.  Members include Lauris Vorslavs and Girts Radziņš.

Martins Ratniks is one of most renowned Latvian video artists, whose experiments in the field of art and technologies has been acknowledged both in Latvia and abroad. This will not be the first collaboration between “ Clausthome” and Martins Ratniks, previously they have been working togeher on such projects as “ Spectrosphere” (2006) and “ Unknown Planet” (2012).

LV Clausthome (Lauris Vorslavs, Ģirts Radziņš), kas nodarbojas ar dažāda veida radiofrekvenču skenēšanu, radiosignālu kolekcionēšanu, skaņas atgriezeniskās saites un modulācijas eksperimentiem. Mārtiņš Ratniks ar Clausthome ir sadarbojies arī citu projektu ietvaros, piemēram, strādājot pie darba “Spektrosfēra” (2006) un “Neatklātās planētas” (2012).