Liudas Mockūnas & Arvydas Kazlauskas

Liudas Mockūnas is one of the leading free jazz saxophonists in Lithuania. He plays an impressive array of reed instruments and has performed with – among others – Barry Guy, William Hooker and Agustí Fernández. At Skaņu Mežs he will perform a duo concert with Latvia-based Lithuanian saxophonist Arvydas Kazlauskas, who is an important force in the local contemporary music scene, having premiered works by such composers as Andris Dzenītis, Linda Leimane and Rolands Kronlaks. Kazlauskas ir also a member of the live electronics quartet Woodpecker Project. This concert is organized in collaboration with Latvian jazz label Jersika Records, which will publish the duo’s debut album „At the Peat Amphitheater „Solstice”” early 2021.