Anthony Braxton Diamond Curtain Wall Trio with Adam Matlock and Susana Santos Silva

Anthony Braxton (born 1945), the Chicago-born composer and multi-instrumentalist, is recognized as one of the most important musicians, educators, and creative thinkers of the past 50 years. He is highly esteemed in the experimental music community for the revolutionary quality of his work and for the mentorship and inspiration he has provided to generations of younger musicians. Drawing upon a disparate mix of influences from John Coltrane to Karlheinz Stockhausen, Braxton has created a unique musical system that celebrates the concept of global creativity and our shared humanity. His work examines core principles of improvisation, structural navigation and ritual engagement – innovation, spirituality, and intellectual investigation.

At Skaņu Mežs, Braxton will perform with his Diamond Curtain Wall Trio featuring accordeon player Adam Matlock and trumpet player Susana Santos Silva. They will perform his Diamond Curtain Wall Music as well as a new music type called „Lorraine”.

More on „Lorraine” in the words of Braxton himself: „Lorraine is the name of a new music prototype. This is a music system that governs the “sonic winds” of breath. There is a stillness in the air and the ghosts of the past commands the space. Memories and shadows of “beingness” adorn the ornamentation of old ruins and blessed relics. Sound castles in the sky – long forgotten experiences have returned with love and humility. Lorraine has come home to birth a renewal and awareness of the other. Lorraine the traveler.”