ELVI is the performing and producing entity of the Rigan disc jockey Elvi Soulsystems. His current method is to use low fidelity field recordings as the only sound source – these are recorded sounds of urban and rural habitats, industrial sounds, the sound of the human voice (mainly his own). These recordings are manipulated using primitive modulation – space, repetition, speed, phasing via improvised performance. No instruments – electronic or acoustic – seem to feature in his music. His approach is to always create a tension between opposites – the raw and the pristine, the calm and the aggressive, the minimal and the oversaturated, light and dark. Some angle of the method is captured in a recording released via the newly founded digital label _toocontemporary in 2020.

ELVI is an artist of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the „Creative Europe” programme of the EU.