Chris Corsano & Lotte Anker

CHRIS CORSANO is a drummer who has been working at the intersections of free jazz, avant-rock, and experimental music since the late ’90s. He’s a rim-batterer of choice for some of the greatest contemporary purveyors of “jazz” (Joe McPhee, Paul Flaherty, Evan Parker, Mette Rasmussen) and “rock” (Sir Richard Bishop, Bill Orcutt, Jim O’Rourke), as well as artists beyond categorization (Björk for her Volta album and world tour, Michael Flower, Okkyung Lee). Appearing on over 150 albums and touring in an ultra-wide array of collaborations, Corsano builds his highly personal musical language through ecstatic free improvisation, extended percussion techniques, and expanding the drumkit to include circular-breathed reeds and bowed strings which resonate the drum heads. He’s been called a “powerhouse drummer” by Rolling Stone, “a peripatetic ace of the avant-garde” by The New York Times, “one of the world’s great drummers” by The Guardian, and “arguably the most riotously energetic and creative drummer in contemporary free jazz” by Wire Magazine. In 2013 Spin Magazine ranked him as one of the ‘100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music.’