The Clipping. line-up includes rapper and actor Daveed Diggs, who among other things is also Tony theatre award and Grammy music award winner. The British newspaper The Guardian has described the Clipping trio as “extraordinary”, adding that the trio takes counterpart Death Grips’ staccato noise to the next level. In turn, Rolling Stone Magazine says the following of the group, “Clipping. have long been creating their own provocative, noisy world. As both talented musicians and completely nerdy and voracious students of hip-hop and noise history, they […] explore all the innovative ways they can “tweak pre-existing rap tropes.”

The trio’s album There Existed an Addiction to Blood was included in The Wire magazine’s 2019 Top 50 Releases of the Year, a feat that the trio repeated the following year with Visions of Bodies Being Burned, when the album was included on the equivalent chart not only by The Wire, but also by The Guardian. Almost a committing an oxymoron in genre terms, the online music publication Pitchfork included the group’s album Splendor and Misery in its chart of the 33 Best Industrial Albums of All Time.