Electronic musician and theatrical / film composer from Ukraine. Curator of Womens Sound platform (Kyiv). Resident of MetaCulture (Kyiv) `On one of NFNR pages, you can find techno with elements of industrial.All this sounds harsh, bold and innovative for the Ukrainian scene. The second is drone and ambient, which takes you even further into experimental soundscapes. […] DTF Magazine included NFNR in the TOP-10 of female DJs and producers of the Kiev scene. By the way, she is a choir conductor by education. Olesya can be called an artist in every sense, since her field of activity is directly related to different areas of art.` JagerVibes UA

NFNR – Olesia Onykiienko – Ukrainian electronic musician, curator of Womens Sound platform and member of Institute of Sound, theatrical composer and vocalist. Olesia enjoys creating textures rich with timbres, working with frequencies, performing lives and working with space. She constructs the sound from micro specifications and modulations with modular vst and combines them with another passion – industrial field-recordings, creating multy-layerd textures.

NFNR is a participating artist of the SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and a/v art, co-funded by the “Creative Europe” programme of the EU.