Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico before her family relocated to Texas when she was a teenager, Delia Beatriz has long straddled two distinct worlds. As a DJ, her selections burn the unmistakable swing of Latin club music into ironclad techno frameworks, and as a producer and composer, she drifts seamlessly from avant-garde and drone modes into experimental dance music without hesitation.In 2022, Beatriz released her sophomore album The Long Count, an ambitious electro-acoustic tome that delves into the past to peer into the future. Using research she made into Mayan wind instruments, Beatriz developed digital instruments and harnessed machine learning to compose music that feels completely out of time. The album was released on legendary British imprint Modern Love in February, receiving critical acclaim from DJ Mag, MixMag, Pitchfork, Dazed, Resident Advisor, Crack Magazine among many others, while also being named Global Album of the Month by The Guardian.