Grab is an experimental rock band that experiments with chaos, entropy, context deconstruction and fragmentism in its creative work, placing the mentioned elements in a controlled – alternative rock music environment. The collective uses traditional rock band instrumentation – drums, guitars, bass and vocals, as well as electronic instruments. Along with already known techniques of alternative rock music the band uses such means of artistic expression as chaotic micropolyphony, granular synthesis, harsh noise, etc. The sound and its texture are deliberately made erroneous, chaotic, “wrong”, sometimes rhythmically and tonally imprecise.

The initiator of Grab is Kārlis Tone (guitar, vocals, synthesizer) – also present in bands Tesa, Anna Kijeva, Līgas pH3 as well as the author of music for various theater art projects (mainly in the independent theater troupe Kvadrifrons. Artis Avotiņš – Lācis (drums), Jānis Emīls Katinskis (guitar, synthesizers) and Sarma Gabrēna (bass, bass synthesizer, vocals) are participating in the project alongside Karlis

Lyrically, Grab is a personal, emotional reflection on what was experienced over a wide period of time, creating an emotional contrast with the cold and technologically oversaturated, musical accompaniment.

Grab’s main sources of influence are the US alternative rock music of the 90s, the hyperpop movement, contemporary experiments in electronic and pop music, as well as the works of composers Giorgy Ligeti, Iannis Xennakis, Krzysztof Pendercki, etc. Experiments and new discoveries in academic music of the 60s and 70s.

At the end of 2022, Grab’s first record Svars was released, which was released in cassette format by the independent cassette label Sapes Skanas.