HVAD is a Copenhagen-based producer, who’s released a variety of different releases both as Dj Hvad as well as Kid Kishore. Since the mid-’00s, he has been working under a number of guises, creating and performing electronic music, and developing a signature sound unlike any other in Denmark. Musically, he incorporates elements of breakcore, techno and lately also ambient into many of his unconventional productions. Apart from being the owner of the notorious Danish label Syg Nok records, he’s also been involved in a variety of other projects, such as owning the Kommunal Dubplate Service.

HVAD’s music is innovative, wild and direct, with an abstract and violent energy that makes the ground tremble. And underpinning it all – an unsettling but oddly beautiful paranoia. He employs sound sources such as his own scratched acetates, temple bells, taxi doors, dogs barking, church choirs, street slang and his voice to express a contemporary cultural awareness that is beyond multicultural and blurs the line between art and everyday life.

This performance is co-funded by the Danish Cultural Institute in Latvia.