Pūres Opera

Pūres Opera, as described by its creator:

“This is Pures Opera, sincerely yours, neo Wall-of-Sound. On
the spectrum – Power-electronics, Shoegaze, Club Banger,
Noise, Chopped-and-Screwed Sludge with voluptuous Trance and
the grandeur of nature and shit and what have you.
Stop. I say we hit the ground running, you and me, pack your
things. This is it! Its ride or die! Welcome to Courland!
I have illegally, for the record, without warning, in the
blink of an eye, yet again, royally fucked up.
In the beautiful way!
And Im telling you this is all related to music.
A little cheeky biography!
Let me, flat out, go off book, off script and say.
I see what I see.
Were watching Glee you and Me
In my room charging my Chi
What it all means to just.. be..
One run like hell, and run off track
One take his time but dont come back
She lie next to me and do smack
The past is past, the past is black
I sleep I dream by the tracks
I caught the freight, I caught the back
The shit I have the shit I lack
The light shine thru me.. from the back
Stop reading homie!
Now go! Dont let the spark die!

(Pūres Opera with ethereal singer Persefon and drums.)”