Tencu/eleOnora is a project where modular synthesizer meets abstract human voice in a fee improvisatinal setting. This collaboration started in the lock down times of 2020, when eleOnora sent her recorded voice to Tencu who chopped that voice and created an album full of abstractions and then was born the duo’s first album called “..– …. . … – / -.- ..– — -. . -. ..” (released in 2022 by Heaven’s Trumpet). The duo will self release their next album “Cherries in the Head” on cassette in September 2023 and will present it at Skaņu Mežs Festival this year.

Andres Tenusaar a.k.a. Tencu is a freelance animator, director, video artist and the founder of the studio Peata Film. Tencu has been an animator and director at the studio Nukufilm between 2000-2019.  Besides films and music videos Tencu has also created stage video and animation for theatre, video mappings and installations, cooperated with numerous musicians as a VJ and composed original film soundtracks. As a sound artist he is experimenting with rhythms and sounds on modular synthesizers.

Eleonora Kampe a.k.a. eleOnora is an Estonian-Latvian singer and avant-garde vocalist. She works both as a solo artist and in collaborative projects that include free improvisation duos Tencu/eleOnora, Road To Saturn and avant/psych blues duo Ringhold. In her abstract voice work she displays a large palette of vocal textures melted into noise like free improvised soundscapes. Her stage presence has often been described as hypnotizing with moods varying from gentle to disturbing.