TV Maskava

In the words of the artist himself…: “TV Moscow guidelines are speed, technique and durability. Maximum power over the longest possible period of time. Dynamics, contrast, adventure. Music in which the listener is put in front of a fact. Questions are asked. TV Moscow is trying to answer them. The listener thinks that he understands everything, but it turns out that he does not understand. The performance is like one breath, one smoke that is drawn into the lungs, but the exhalation is delayed due to misunderstandings in the audience at the moment. An unforgettable journey that evokes frivolous reflections. At a red light, crossing an intersection may turn out to be pure trivia. I’ll put on my favorite beat and it’s also your favorite. Drugs are legal today, but they are poisonous, so I prefer ice cream and candy. The portal will be open soon and Chupacabra will eat you alive.”