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  1. hello!
    we have just re-started a scene for experimental music (Salong SubSpace) here in Umea. we would be happy to know more about the current state of that scene in Riga and Latvia. As you know, we are co-hosting the culture capital 2014, and ttherefore it would be perfect to get a collaboration running. In november 3rd, we will have Jerome Noetinger.

    Cheers!!! /LennART (together with Mikko Savela and Kristoffer Bylund)

  2. Dear friends:

    My name is Marc Egea. I’m a musician and composer from Barcelona.

    Is a pleasure to present to you this project of Improvised Music. The name of the band is “As Tres Ladeiras” and we are:

    Eduard Altaba: double bass (Barcelona);
    Marc Egea: electroacoustic hurdy gurdy (Barcelona);
    Adele Madau: electric violin (Cagliari).

    You can listen three tracks of our album here:

    Best wishes,

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